General Sessions
3:00pm – 5:00pm

Opening General Session

Location: Panzacola Ballroom G1 & F1-2
Convenience Re-Defined

E-commerce, delivery, alternative fuels, competition – these and other market forces are pushing the industry in new directions, but the primary disruptor is consumers’ evolving definition of convenience. The very foundation of this industry is shifting, presenting both threats and opportunities for c-store retailers and their supplier partners. Join Technomic’s Donna Hood Crecca to explore what “convenience” means today, who’s winning and the implications for c-store offerings, amenities and prospects for future growth.



Presented By:
McLane Company, Inc.
21 Megatrends: Transformational Shifts Shaping Our Futures

We tend to think about “the future” as something programmed by experts and engineers. In this keynote, futurist and innovation expert Ari Wallach rejects “the official future” that we’ve been handed. He argues that all of us can take action to actively build the futures that we desire for ourselves, our organizations, and society at-large. But to do so, we need to think strategically about the transformational shifts that are shaping tomorrow’s world.

Wallach gives us a view of the 21 megatrends affecting the futures of politics, sociology, the environment, arts, religion, and much more. More important, he helps shift our thinking to engage the futures actively, with empathy for coming generations in our communities, companies, and the world. To stay competitive, leaders need to broaden the framework of what they do, and how and why they do it. Wallach’s talk is invaluable for any purpose-driven organization that wants to adapt, stay relevant, and build accountability and empathy within the transforming communities and markets of tomorrow.


Founder and Executive Director
Longpath Labs

Presented By:
Tyson Convenience