E-Alternative Solutions (EAS)

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS)


459 E. 16th St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206
United States



E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), an independently owned sister company of Swisher International, and innovator of adult consumer-centric brands, can help you navigate emerging markets. Our award-winning portfolio of research-tested products, resources and trade programs help you effectively maximize profitability and drive shoppers through your doors. Additionally, our unmatched compliance expertise helps wholesalers and retailers better manage new business categories.

At EAS, we prefer to be “Right” rather than “First” to market. Our product portfolio focuses on consumers’ needs for high-quality alternative solutions. We’re committed to innovation, excellence, compliance - and ultimately leading new industries into the promise of A World Beyond.

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) New Products

Forth™ CBD is driven by consumer research and contain US-grown, full-spectrum CBD, which means products have many cannabinoids along with other hemp-plant parts. An isolate CBD Vape Pen is also availa...