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Van's Kitchen


4828 Reading Street
Dallas, TX 75247
United States



Van’s Kitchen was founded by Vietnamese immigrants, Van and Kim Nguyen, who came to America to build a better life for their family. Now, their daughter Theresa leads the company as CEO and carries on her parents’ legacy. For 34 years, we have been committed to bringing people together. Now we can do this on-the-go with our New & Improved Roller Grill Egg Rolls, created in artisan batches with wholesome ingredients that everyone will enjoy. We believe that all people were Made to Love, and everything we do is a representation of this.

Van's Kitchen New Products

Our New & Improved Roller Grill Egg Rolls are available in Chicken, Pork & Southwest Chicken flavors. Crafted in artisan batches with wholesome ingredients, they’re an ideal mini-meal & sn...