Aisha Khan

Company Operations & Acquisitions

Shahani Inc

Aisha Khan works primarily in Company Operations and Company Acquisitions at Shahani Inc. Shahani Inc is a family owned and operated fuel distribution wholesaler and retailer; providing unbranded fuel to accounts, branded supply contracts, as well as operating our own gas station/ convenience stores. Aisha Khan oversees all commission agent pricing, new development projects, leasing and company operated stores. Helping her parents company triple their business locations and fuel volumes consistently for the past two years, as well as being a cohesive environment into the internal office. Shahani Inc went from doing fuel taxes, rents and pricings and all functions by hand (crazy to think in the 21st century) to utilizing Microsoft Excel, one drive and other free technologies to develop an efficient internal office process; allowing growth to come at a fast pace.

Aisha Khan went to Fairfield University studying Marketing and Communication and graduated in 2017. Growing up in the fuel industry, her father was able to help guide her to bring her talents to a phenomenal level, creating a legacy for himself, his family and future generations to come. As she is growing her career, she is also able to help her father fulfill his American dream.

Shahani Inc and the Khan family are the living proof of the American dream—Founder Mohammad Khan immigrated to the United States with a dream, a passion, commitment and dedication to hard work. Aisha Khan, as his daughter, has helped him continue to live the great American Dream to its fullest; with the hopes of excelling generational wealth, knowledge and service to their community