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Bill Hanifin

Chief Executive Officer
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Hanifin Loyalty

Bill has successfully developed, executed and managed customer loyalty strategies for some of the most recognized brands in the world. Over the past decade he has led change in the loyalty marketing industry and has forged a specialized expertise at the intersection of customer loyalty, corporate finance, payment systems, and marketing technology.

Bill has worked throughout North America and multiple international markets, creating data-driven marketing strategy to solve business challenges and unlock profitability for clients. He has been privileged to work many well-known brands, including Bright Horizons, ExxonMobil, Grace Kennedy, McGraw Hill, Red Box, Scotiabank, and Visa. He has also worked directly with coalition loyalty programs operating in the US, Peru, Brazil and Malaysia.

LoyaltyTruth.com is a media property owned and published by Bill, and is the only industry source of independent and unbiased insight on customer loyalty and data-driven marketing.