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Cassandra Worthy

Chemical Engineer, High Impact Speaker, and Change Enthusiast
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Cassandra Worthy is a high impact speaker, engineer, and world-leading expert on Change Enthusiasm.  With her BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, she spent nearly 15 years working in Fortune 500 companies undergoing some of the biggest shifts ever recorded in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Because of it she was almost yet another statistic: diverse, top talent departing during a time of significant change when top talent is needed most.  But she didn’t. 

Instead she cultivated the strategy of Change Enthusiasm to thrive in the face of change, leading cultural transformation during multi-billion dollar acquisitions.  In her dynamic keynotes, with wit and highly contagious energy she teaches this unique strategy along with her story and passion for change with world-class business leaders across any and every industry sector.