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David Bishop

Managing Partner
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Balvor LLC

Before graduating from college, David’s career started in retail stores, conducting customer surveys, observing shopping behaviors, and conducting time-and-motion studies.

After college, David pivoted from market research to foodservice with The Levy Restaurants, where he focused on managing beverage categories and developing sales and labor models for new concepts.

In the mid-nineties re-entered consulting with Willard Bishop Consulting, initially helping grocers develop meal solution strategies to defend against threats from key foodservice competitors.  Beyond that David worked with a branded manufacturer on some of the early efforts to reinvent the hot dispensed beverage business as well as quantifying the economic and strategic value of not simply cold dispensed beverage but also specific brands and flavors on the fountain.

In 2008, David formed Balvor LLC to continue his passion in working closely with companies in convenience retail and has continued to support retailers’ efforts to reinvigorate various foodservice categories.   And, given his work around integrated marketing in convenience and grocery, David joined Brick Meets Click in 2011 to assist companies adapt to the growing impact that technology is having on the way consumers shop for groceries.