Lorissa Martin

Talent Acquisition & Performance Manager

The Wills Group

Lorissa Martin is the Talent Acquisition and Performance Manager at The Wills Group, and has a total of 15 years of recruitment and retail experience. Her passion is creating people-focused solutions, understanding employee’s development goals, and analyzing current market trends to continue driving the business. As a Talent Acquisition and Performance Manager, Lorissa is responsible for identifying, recruiting, and hiring top talent for the organization, as well as managing and improving employee performance. With her extensive experience in recruitment and retail, she is well-equipped to identify and attract the best candidates for The Wills Group, and to ensure that they not only align with our company values, but add to our culture. Lorissa is knowledgeable about current market trends and is able to use this knowledge to help the company stay competitive and continue to keep Lives in Motion.

In her free time, Lorissa enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters. She loves exploring new state and national parks, but also enjoys knitting and crafting in her downtime.