Ryan Morton

Customer Benefits Manager

Maverik Inc.

Ryan has been an employee of Maverik, Adventure’s First Stop for nearly a quarter of a century. In that span, he has had multiple roles, working both the Operations side as a District Manager and at Basecamp with Store Support, multiple Category Manager roles, and in the FRESCH food program. Since he was young he has been involved with retail in some form or another. His father was both a broker and principal within the home improvement industry and Ryan was trained young on properly setting up displays, writing orders and a plethora of other tasks which a father could have his 8-year-old son do. He will tell you that retail is in his blood and he loves his job.

He likes things organized and exact. During his lunch break he can occasionally be found doing his own Bird Box Challenge to ensure his items are placed as the schematic or layout show.

Outside of work, Ryan spends his free time with his wife along with their 4 children attending nearly every sporting event played or in a dance studio or cheer competition. Any remaining time after that is spent in the outdoors; hiking, hunting and on anything with speed and adrenaline pumping action! What else would he do as an employee of Maverik, Adventure’s First Stop?