JM Distributors

JM Distributors


7821 Doyle Springs Suite B
North Little Rock, AR 72118
United States



What separates J&M from all our competitors is we know what sells and our EXPERIENCE is the core value we provide for our customers. We specialize in being on top of the latest trends in several different categories. Our focus is on items by the register in one of our custom-made racks. Items on these racks can be anything from Lighters, Air Fresheners, Disposable Vapes, relaxation and energy shots, etc. Our programs are ALL guaranteed and proven to generate more dollars per square inch than any other items inside the store minus cigarettes.

JM Distributors New Products

We are proud distributors of the new John Daly Collection line. One of the products is a CBD flavored vape. There are (6) different flavors and (2) strands. These will be a destination item for your c...