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300 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60606
Ph: 312.876.0004 Fax: 312.876.1158


Nick Hayman
Chief Customer Officer, Winsight

email: nhayman@winsightmedia.com
phone: 202.350.4593

Ward Downing
President, Winsight Media & Events

email: wdowning@winsightmedia.com
phone: 630.528.9243

Chris Keating
EVP, Conferences

email: ckeating@winsightmedia.com
phone: 630.528.9277

Amanda Buehner
SVP, Communities and Retail Events

email: abuehner@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.506.4064

Mike Peck
SVP, Media and Events Sales

email: mpeck@winsightmedia.com
phone: 917.941.1883

Jim Bursch
Group President, Convenience Media & Events

email: jbursch@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1561


Tim Ahlering
VP, Enterprise Sales - Retail

email: tahlering@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1556

Lindsay Buck
Vice President, Enterprise Sales

email: lbuck@winsightmedia.com
phone: +1 856 220 2423

Tom Corcoran
VP, Enterprise Sales - Retail

email: tcorcoran@winsightmedia.com
phone: 215.757.0218

Karen Spiegel
VP, Enterprise Sales - Retail

email: kspiegel@winsightmedia.com
phone: 602.432.9913

Retailer Attendees

Mike Marino
Senior Director, Trade Relations – Retail

email: mmarino@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1961

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