CRU 2020 Introduces New Category Tracks

Convenience Retailing University (CRU) has been reinvented for 2020 with a new category track format. By working with like-minded category managers, we can maximize your time and value ensuring you learn about the issues that are important to you. You will leave CRU with newfound education on your respective category, creative yet effective solutions to your everyday challenges, a certificate upon completion of both days of category education in one track, and so much more. Join us at CRU and increase your bottom line!

This new format will highlight eight categories:

  • Foodservice: A vibrant foodservice program is crucial to staying relevant and keeping traffic moving. CRU attendees have the unique opportunity to learn actionable lessons from the best in the industry, on everything from marketing plant-based offerings to leveraging the indulgent classics. Our two foodservice experts will discuss how to balance traditional flavors and preparations with those exceptional foodservice items that some customers are hankering for.
  • Packaged Beverages: Variety is the spice of life, and CRU attendees will learn about how to make the cold vault a destination for flavor seekers on the hunt for optimum variety. In this session, we will dig into the consumer trends - from concerns about sugar to enhanced ingredients, to the growth of the sparkling category - that are forcing changes in the cold vault. We'll also look at challenges to the beer category and ways to keep that segment growing.
  • Tobacco/OTP: Get out in front of the regulatory volatility and learn how to make the back bar a destination for all customers. Our experts will talk about the myriad new products, including IQOS, ON, CBD vape and wrap, new leaf cigars and more. 
  • Dispensed Beverages: As customers shift their preferences from hot to cold and back again, CRU attendees will learn how to stay in front of changing trends and expectations to ensure dispensed beverages remain a vital part of any growing foodservice operation. We'll take a look at recent sales data and what consumers are looking for when considering where to stop for a fast and fresh drink.
  • CBD: CRU attendees can be in front of this promising category, through lessons provided by some of the industry’s biggest experts on everything from regulations to product mix. Join us as we discuss the latest from the FDA, and how the new directive will help or hinder retailers as they work to merchandise this emerging and exciting new category.
  • Technology/Operations: Join Jackson Lewis, CSP’s technology editor, for a session exploring trends in retail tech, from employee-facing apps that ease scheduling and payment issues to tools c-stores can access to make the shopping experience easier for customers.
  • Center Store: Find out what flavor-forward innovations are certain to make a splash in the center store with CRU presentations that discuss unique trends and merchandising best practices. As new SKUs proliferate the center store, learn the best-in-class merchandising strategies to maximize sales and create solid incremental sales growth.
  • Loyalty/Delivery: Join Winsight’s Mitch Morrison, vice president of retailer relations, for a rundown of what’s happening in loyalty and delivery, and how c-stores can stay ahead of the curve. Our expert will discuss leading strategies that top operators employ to get their customers coming through the door time and time again.