Chris Vestal

Director of Food Service

Wallis Companies

Chris Vestal has been Director of Food Service for Wallis Companies since 2018 covering deli, food program, pizza, and hot and cold dispensed categories, as well as large scale food production at the company's commissary. Chris began his career in the restaurant industry while attending high school in St. Louis, Missouri and in college at the University of Missouri. He has garnered knowledge of all aspects of the hospitality realm from his experience as the general manager at MacArthur Park — located in the historic Julia Morgan building in downtown Palo Alto, CA — to his partnership position in Poplar Creek Foods. Vestal grew Poplar Creek Foods’ business to provide grab-and-go food items a day from their large commercial commissary to serve clients in the San Francisco International Airport, including United Club Lounges, American Airlines, Napa Farms Market and many more. He joined Cherry Pie Hospitality in late 2015 as CEO working closely with the executive team to provide management and direction of all aspects of the business.

Vestal moved back to St. Louis in 2018 with his wife to raise their two young children.