Mike Lorenz

Executive Vice President of Petroleum Supply


Mike is currently responsible for the petroleum supply and trading at Sheetz, a family owned convenience store chain which owns and operates over 575 stores in 6 states.  Having worked in the petroleum industry for almost 40 years, Mike has extensive knowledge and experience in refining, domestic and global supply and trading, and wholesale and retail marketing. 

Before coming to Sheetz, Mike spent over 20 years with Mobil Oil serving in a wide variety of midstream and downstream roles including international assignments in London and Rotterdam.  Mike was award the TOBI Award at Growth Energy’s 2015 Executive Leadership Conference, the 2015 Convenience Store News Alternative Fuels Leader of the Year Award and the 2016 Paul Dana Marketing Vision Award from the American Coalition for Ethanol. Because of Mike’s efforts, Sheetz is currently the single largest retailer of E15 and E85 in the US.  Mike has also led the effort of installing EV charging stations at now over 30 stores.

Mike is on the Board of Directors at the Fuels Institute, has testifying at the federal and state levels and is a frequent speaker at industry events.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University.